Nash Bellows
Nash Bellows’ work focuses on a translation of one medium to the next; from print to collage to digital to paint, she allows her pieces to be fragmented interpretations of the same source. Bellows’ collages and paintings highlights what is gained and what is lost in translation between sources.

Bellows’ process begins as a hand-made or digital collage of seemingly meaningless abstract imagery sourced from outdated books and the Internet. The collage is loosely translated onto canvas with a fast gestural drawing and then graphically painted. Composition, color and pattern become rearranged to better compliment the new format, size, and medium. Some paintings are then inserted back digitally and composed with photographic elements or fragmented using different applications. These processes allow for slightly similar yet entirely different pieces.

Through her work and process, Bellows explores the subjectivity of truth and translation, challenges mediums and medium specificity in art, and assesses what is improved and what is lost in the conversion to a digital world.

**Nash Bellows is currently attending graduate school and will be updating her website irregularly, as her work is undergoing creative transformation.